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Ags Connolly
Hannah Johnson

British winners of Ameripolitan Awards are not unheard of but then again they aren’t exactly numerous. In the 2018 Awards Sophia Johnson won Best Female Artist is the Western Swing Category and way back in 2016 Sussex Firefighter Charlie Thompson picked up the Best Male HonkyTonk prize.
This year two more Brits are in with more than decent chances of adding to the list.
Ags Connolly has been a supporter of and identified his music with the Ameripolitan Movement since its inception and most years manages to set himself up with a few American shows which cover the cost of attending the Awards weekend.  Ags would really appreciate your nomination in the Male HonkyTonk category.
It would be remarkable and an amazing achievement if we could not only keep that Western Swing Female title in British hands, but we might be able to keep it in the same family by nominating Sophia’s sister Hannah Johnson.
Having seen both these acts on stage and having attended the Ameripolitan Artists Showcases in Memphis last February, I can tell you hand on heart both these British country artists would acquit themselves well should their nominations be successful.
So, how do you vote for them?
It is a tad complicated – as you might expect only one vote will be accepted from each email address so it’s important to get it right.
You will find the nomination form online at . Whilst you can nominate a male artist, a female artist and a group in all categories you don’t have to. If you want to nominate one for each that’s fine but if you only want to nominate in one or two Awards per category that’s fine.
However – you cannot leave any field blank.
What I suggest is simply type “none” or “no preference” in any category where you are not nominating anyone at all.  
This opportunity to nominate and boost the chances of our British talent closes on September 7th.
And if you felt like putting Chris Smith Now That’s Country Music Uckfield FM in the DJ category well that would be awfully jolly good of you. I promise my show does meet all the required criteria.
Together we can make a difference.


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