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Indecent Exposure

To earn a little money whilst at college a guy called Steve Robinson and I used to perform a comedy double act. The humour was fairly surreal but went down well at our own and other further education establishments in the area, so flushed with success (in 1970 when you could buy eight pints of ale at our college bar and still get change from £1, Steve and I were pocketing £20 for a half hour show almost every weekend) we allowed greed and ambition to direct our steps toward a local pub. The establishment in question had a large Cabaret Room upstairs, complete with resident trio plus the house MC/comedian, and on Sunday lunchtimes they would hold what were technically auditions under the guise of a talent show; eight acts would get seven minutes each to entertain the regulars and whoever went down best got £5 and a free drink right away but more importantly a paid booking on the main show a few weeks later. Despite enthusiastic applause from our bussed in student support Steve and I did …

Ameripolitan Results


Ameripolitan Showcase #2